Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 8.2.16

Run with your eyes open, feel the salty air, run with your heart open as if you don't care

Run as if being chased and run if your life needs it

Run as if you crave the freedom, then stop and sit

Enjoy the waves crashing, the sounds of the morning sunrise

Hear the birds and look for life around 

Your breath is slowing as you start to calm

Feel refreshed by the new day for you are ALIVE

7.18.16  Had a great weekend!  My sister, brother in law and his sister came in from Wyoming for a quick visit.  Wonderful to catch up and laugh.  Went back to Wyoming after some tough news...  Steve and I kept our spirits high with taking the kayaks out and fishing.  The big catch of the weekend was a small sunny and was thrown back in to enjoy his day too.   Life is Good!

Life is Good!

6.23.16  10:36pm 

Finally switched over from Wix to full version of SmugMug.  Not that I didn't love Wix... I did but I needed the capability to have purchasing availability for clients.   I needed a fast production all in one spot.  I love the purchasing options of SmugMug... so now I'm completely switched over. 

Hard part - actually not hard - it's just switching content over - faq's, about info etc... hoping to have it all complete before the weekend!

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