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Photographer & Graphic Artist

I am a lover of the skies and seas, sweets & hazelnut coffee, good conversations about life with depth and what gives people their passions. 

I love to create imagery that resonates with the soul.  My inspiration comes from the death of my oldest daughter.  She was only 4 1/2 months old when she became my angel and I only had a handful of photos of her.  I have since been passionate about capturing life as it is happening.  To capture that moment in time to never be forgotten.  

I'm originally from Wyoming.  Growing up a country girl having city girl ambitions.  Always dreaming about seeing the ocean, walking through New York City and taking pictures of everyday life. I moved to Pennsylvania 20 years ago but still consider Wyoming my home.  

All of my skills have been self taught.  As a lover of books, technology and continual learning, I'm always learning new techniques and trying to self improve.  Also, a proud member of the INTJ & Virgo groups!  Dedicated, Articulate & Creative.

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