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Behind the Shutter ~  

I love to create imagery that resonates with your soul.  Whether it’s a family, children, animals or objects, the slightest little thing that captures my eye and the detail in that is what I’m inspired by.  

I like to spend time getting to know the personalities of each couple.  I would prefer not to just show up, take some pictures and leave.   When people are comfortable, relaxed and confident, the best images emerge.  That is why I try to capture personalities and not just photos.  My style is more on the photojournalist side while I still incorporate traditional shots and I prefer natural lighting.  The process is detailed from reviewing your venue, finding the best lighting in certain areas, going over the surroundings and really scouting the location.  I do a lot of pre-planning so on the day of your event, my team knows exactly what the vision is and we try to go beyond the expected to capture your day. 

Looking forward to meeting you and capturing your most special events.



Our Process

Engagements & Weddings

All our packages include passion, care and love.  My team and I put our heart and soul into our work.  We strive to go beyond the normal and give the best possible experience for your day!  We will meet with you, go over your vision, wants, required photos and any details you want to specifically capture.  We review the venue for the best possible lighting situations and what we'll need and what you'll need.  On your day, I want you and your spouse, family and guests to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease.  Our job is to capture those tender moments to cherish forever without being invasive.

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