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Yay!  You have chosen us for your photographer!  Congrats!  We will then set up a time to meet & greet!  Go over your views, vision boards, likes, dislikes & anything that comes to mind.  We'll chat about lighting & your venue, discuss the contract, shot list, model release & details.  I'll go through a list of questions like "what is your vibe for your day - modern, traditional, easy going hobo chic?".  All the ground work leading up to your day!



I'm a big planner and like to have everything thoroughly lined out before your event! From scouting the location, looking for the best lighting situations, & looking for unique shot marks.  Shot marks are areas of your venue that would be amazing backdrops or a unique setting for an image.  I do test shots to make sure the time of day and the lighting reflect the best image.  Once I've completed, I'll send the images for feedback.

We're getting close to the big day!  Yesss!  Don't be nervous!  I'll go over the details one last time. Try to help calm the nerves a little - we got this!  This is what we do!  Everything will go smoothly and if not we'll be there to capture those candid moments that will last a lifetime!  In all seriousness though, enjoy the process, know that you've been hard at work to make everything perfect for your vision and we'll capture your day perfectly!



It's here - YOUR DAY!  We'll get there early, set up, & be on point.  We'll be as non-intrusive as possible.  We'll guide the parties through the wedding shot list & if things get a little awry, we'll get the party back on track.  Once the ceremony is over - then it's on to the reception!  Time to relax, unwind, celebrate & party!  We'll have the images to prove that your day was amazing!


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